Vada Chennai Movie Review: LIVE Response From The Theatre!

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Vada Chennai, the Most anticipated film from the golden combo of Vetrimaran and Dhanush, has been released on Thursday, 17 October. The early morning shows have commenced across South India.

The movie has garnered highly positive reviews and performance have been lauded by the viewers.

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Vada Chennai Review and Rating:

Kaushik LM: #Vadachennai 1st half -Looks like an epic in the making. Tamil cinema seems to have its answer to the epic gangster films from Hollywood. No needless mass commercial compromises here; the songs flow organically with the film. Looking fwd to the 2nd half @VetriMaaran @dhanushkraja
#Vadachennai 1st half – @aishu_dil’s episodes are super entertaining. Definitely her slang, role and language are something totally new. Cracking chemistry with @dhanushkraja.
D is the Kadhainayagan with no needless heroism. Mature, restrained performance amid so many characters
#Vadachennai 1st half – The most detailed and in-depth portrayal of jail life in Tamil cinema till date. @VetriMaaran takes it to the next level and also throws in a little ‘Mahanadi’ reference. Many characters, authentic gangster genre film. Has a couple of ‘wow’ sequences

ManiTalkz: Watched #VadaChennai in UK..such a pure epic gangster film Absolutely it will be a milestone in D’s career Waiting for 2nd part

Kaushik LM: #Vadachennai – 4.5/5.. A layered, delightful gangster EPIC as expected.. Will be a treat for cinema veriyans.. Evlo characters, Evlo moments, Evlo drama👌👌 Waiting for Anbuvin Ezhuchchi – Part 2.. Seekram edunga @VetriMaaran @dhanushkraja sirs.. Theri!

S Abhishek: Ninnu pesum!
Varalaru ippo dhan aaaramchurku!
@VetriMaaran puts the follow on!
You just grow alongside the story and you won’t have a choice about it!
Craftsmanship at it’s best
@Music_Santhosh you beauty
Thanks @dhanushkraja
Heroine introduction redefined
@aishu_dil is pure talent

Check Our Full Review: Vada Chennai Movie Review & Rating

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #VadaChennai Interval – Unadulterated portrayal , too raw and too deep. This man @dhanushkraja – Vera levelnga neenga. And @aishu_dil – People will think twice before speaking to u from here on !! Whole new experience this !! .

Cinemas Planet: O***la, Makku k**thi, th***ya pulla th*** b***du all raw dialogues from all the stars!!! Especially @aishu_dil 😲 A Certificate 🔥#VadaChennai #VadaChennaiFDFS

Sudhir.R ‏: Masss padam Veri , waiting for part 2, anbin ezhuchi Aiyaiyo ethana Claps Whistles, marana mass, nkotha nkomaala padam Vera level, innum ethana vaati paapennu therla

Rathna kumar: வடசென்னை – கொல மாஸ்🔥🔥 கோலிவுட் கண்ணாடி தொட்டியில் வளர்ந்த மெகா திம்மிங்கலம். தயவு செஞ்சி அதை கடலில் நீந்த விடுங்கள். Omnipresence of @Music_Santhosh BGM along with கடல் ராசா @dhanushkraja sir’s versatile acting & @VetriMaaran sir making setting a bench mark. #vadachennai