Breaking: Tamil nadu Theatres to Close from March 1!

South Indian Theatres to Close from March 1

Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) has reportedly called for Strike to challenge the digital service providers ( Qube and UFO) who are supplying digital projectors to all the theatres at high prices.

The South Indian Film Chamber and Tamil Film Producers Council met in Hyderabad and decided to shut theatres in entire South India from March 1. The entire South Indian Film industry, including Tollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood, and Kollywood have come forward and united on this issue.

Qube officials have stated media regarding this issue, “We are ready to negotiate, sit down and reduce the prices. We have sent an email asking to meet them and talk to them. Imagine if there is another strike, so many lakhs of people will have no work during these strike days. We are ready to solve it at the earliest.”