Sarkar Controversy: Police at AR Murugadoss Home to Arrest him ??

Sarkar Story Controversy
Sarkar Controversy

A day after Tamil Nadu state Law minister warned legal action against the movie Sarkar. Just Now producers Sun Pictures made a shocking shocking tweet stating that Tamil Nadu police have reached film director AR Murugadoss home to arrest him.

Director A.R.Murugadoss, took to his Twitter to reveal what happened. He Tweeted, “Police had come to my house late tonight and banged the door several times. Since I was not there they left the premises. Right now I was told there is no police outside my house

Tamil Nadu police are yet to come out with an official statement on this incident. News reports suggest that, the police came to his house to provide protection at the AR Murugadoss’s residence.

Soon after the incident took place, Vishal came out in support of AR Murugadoss and tweeted,”Police in Dir Murugadoss s home????? For Wat?? Hoping and really hoping that nothin unforeseen happens. Once again. Censor has cleared the film and the content is watched by public.den why all this hue and cry

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