Pragathi Guruprasad to Marry Ashok Selvan ? Clarification on Marriage Rumours!

Pragathi Guruprasad and Ashok Selvan
Pragathi Guruprasad Clears Rumours on Marriage with Ashok Selvan

Recently, There are rumors going around that Pragathi Guruprasad and actor Ashok Selvan to Getting Married. Now, Pragathi Guruprasad took her social media to clarify on these rumors.

She posted, “I would like to set the records straight that I am not in a relationship or getting married. I am currently twenty-years-old, career-focused, and a college student – not in a place of my life where I’m even close to getting married. I also pride myself with my strong bond with my fans, who would absolutely be aware if I was in a serious relationship.

This story started off as a misguided tabloid article that read too deep into one of my close friendships. I thought this was funny at first, but after more legitimate news sources started to pick up this story, I became disappointed. I am disappointed that the media has been spreading false information about me. I am disappointed that instead of covering Ashok’s or my creative successes, the media has chosen to perpetuate a fake narrative about our personal lives.

I’ve always enjoyed having a strong relationship with the media. Giving interviews and chatting with journalists has brought me joy for many years, and to see those same outlets release “news” without any basis was, to say the least, disappointing. Thank you to my amazing fans for sticking through with me for all these years. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve your constant love and support.”

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