Bigg Boss Fame Vaishnavi Reveals Her Boyfriend!

Bigg Boss Vaishnavi Boyfriend
Bigg Boss Fame Vaishnavi Reveals Her Boyfriend

RJ Vaishnavi, one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 2, which ended last week. There are rumors about her relationship Spreading on social media.

The Bigg Boss contestant Vaishnavi has decided to Stop all rumors by making it official. She has revealed that she is in a relationship with Anjan, who is a Pilot. She also shared Photos of her with the boyfriend.

Bigg Boss Vaishnavi Posted this on her Instagram, “So for those of you who don’t know/aren’t sure/have doubts, the guy in the picture is @fake_captain, who is my boyfriend. He is a pilot. We’ve been together for 2.5 years, I love him to bits and you can all rest all your conspiracy theories about why there are adorably lovey-dovey pictures of him and me on the Internet. Also, we are heavy #couplegoals so #kthxbye.

Dedicating this post to my goofball and happy place for life @fake_captain. Once again you move countries and I have to be away from you for 2 more months! Considering our relationship survived the 2 months I was in the Bigg Boss house, this is gonna be cakewalk! I love you dodo and I am already missing your stupid face :* Come back to Chennai soon so we can take a lot more goofy pictures using Snapchat filters!”